My favorite videos

Over the years, I’ve created hundreds of videos for my own YouTube channel, LinkedIn profile, clients, and tons of other projects.

So I thought I’d create a curated list of some of my favorites, the stories behind them, and why I love those videos.


  1. Personal.
  2. Professional.
  3. Other.

My favorite personal videos.

Things will start looking up.

This was the first video I’d published on my YouTube channel in a long, long time that felt like the ultimate culmination of a lot of my different storytelling techniques over the years.

It was the first project I’d created strictly for myself in a long, long time that wasn’t intended to push people to join a webinar, buy a product, or otherwise engage with what I was trying to build.

It’s simply a story that reflects on some of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that I’ve been cycling through over the last few weeks and months.

A story about a bike.

I tried to shoe-horn this into some sorta fundraiser before I’d left for Japan, but it honestly would’ve fared better if I’d just pointed it to a Craigslist listing and donated the money myself.

It’s an absurd, over-the-top video that I’d wanted to make for a long, long time about a bike that really meant a lot for me over the years while living in Denver.

That bike has been through torrential downpours, snowstorms, long adventures that it has absolutely no business going on, and tons of other questionable experiences and types of terrain.

Not to mention the fact that it was directed and filmed by a mentor of mine who is a big part of the reason why I continue to create the videos I create today.

Dramatic cover photo!

Dear podcasters.

I’ve been spending a lot more time recently making projects that are mostly for me, but which I’ll receive some level of hedonistic enjoyment from when people watch them.

This video I sent to the host of one of my favorite podcasts ever, and she said, and I quote:

Honestly, that made my week.

Anything else I do this week, who the f**k cares.

Why you need to make better s**t.

This was the first time that a story I’d written out actually came together in the filming and post-production of a video.

Most of the time, it feels like my skills fall way, way short of the actual execution of my visions.

Crafting a story through writing has always felt relatively effortless for me, in that I’ve been doing it long enough and have created a formula that feels pretty easy for me to reproduce.

For videos, it’s always felt hit or miss.

This felt like a hit for the first time ever.

My favorite professional videos.

What to look for in a probate attorney.

When I first started getting hired by clients, most of the projects that I did were relatively low-budget, with just me, my camera, maybe a light or two, and a few ideas.

More recently, my projects have gotten much bigger in scope, and often my clients let me run wild with creativity.

This recent project for my client Blake Harris was an absolute blast from start-to-finish: we got to take a relatively mundane concept in estate planning, and wrapped it in a pretty captivating video.

What turned out was a pretty absurd video that the client was really happy with.

Launching a conference with Futurebound.

This project came together in just a few hours, start to finish.

We had to turn around a quick promotional video for Futurebound’s upcoming summit, and Sarabeth and I tried to get creative with the finger-puppets and honestly that turned out to be a stupid idea, but it was still a blast.

And the video helped them successfully promote and launch the upcoming summit, so that was dope, too!

PitchLab x TEDx Mile High

This video was a blast to film, and one of the first times I felt like I ever got to express my voice in a video.

I think what happens is over time, as you become increasingly confident in your skillset, you start to take bigger and bigger risks.

This felt like a relatively low-stakes risk at the time, but still risky, and it paid off.

It’s helped Jay massively expand the reach of PitchLab and tell its story, and it really helped me stretch my creative skillsets.

Other projects that I love.

Jam Jar Cafe

I’ve done a ton of ‘for-fun’ projects that I never really intended on putting anywhere on the web.

One of these was a short ad for a local coffee shop that I felt like shooting in order to stretch my creative skillset and try and put together a video ala one of my favorite YouTubers, Daniel Schiffer.

In a few hours of work, I was able to put this together and I was quite happy with it:

Steaknight. Why we do it.

Back in Denver, I used to host this monthly event called Steaknight.

It was basically a rooftop gathering of some of my closest friends, and an absolute blast. Everyone would bring their own steak, and we’d grill out on the rooftop, share some cocktails together, and awesome people would meet other awesome people.

And for every event, I put together a one-minute trailer.

It was so much fun.

Here’s one of my favorites:

I’ll continue updating this in the following weeks and months as I launch new content.

Stay tuned!

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