What I’m up to right now.

I’m in Istanbul, Turkey, right now, living in a beautiful house in the Old City area.

Here’s a brief tour, for those curious:

It’s gorgeous, and easily one of the nicest spaces I’ve ever lived in and a fraction of what my rent was in Denver.

Working on editing a pilot for a TV Show.

Last month, in Kyoto, over three days, with a team that included a dope director, camera operators, and several producers, we filmed the first episode of a series that I’ll be pitching to networks over the next few months that’s centered around exploring a day in the life of local residents in some of the coolest cities in the world.

This was an exhausting, difficult experience and I’m so, so glad I did it.

More details coming as I edit this together over the next few weeks.

Building my first online course.

Honestly? I don’t know exactly what I’d be building a course in, and my first step before going all in on doing anything is to discover where there’s a need, and what I can help people in.

My first inclination is something Notion related – it’s a tool I’ve become wildly familiar with and absolutely love and that a lot of people ask me about.

But beyond that, I’ve been working with more and more organizations on improving their sales processes, so combining the two might be the most compelling offer and something that I’m not seeing a lot of people do well.

Next, I’ll likely be working with a coach in order to help realize this and launch this, and get my first few sales.

Connecting with amazing people.

Meeting people in Istanbul feels far more effortless than it ever felt in Japan, and I’m eager to take these next few months to connect with fascinating nomads, Turks, and all sorts of other international folks while I live here.

My life feels a lot slower here, and my mornings are often spent running and in deep reflection before my days ever really get into gear.

I am so, so incredibly humbled and fortunate to have these opportunities.

Last updated on August 10th, 2020 from Istanbul, Turkey.

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